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First names music programme

a.o. Grandbrothers, Robin Kester, Erlend Øye & La Comitiva, Marlene Bakker en NONCHELANGE

Dance the night away at the big open-air stage Apollo, enjoy the atmosphere in the mirror tent Pollux and in the beautiful Lutherse Kerk. Today, we announce the first music names to you! The acts at Apollo are, as always, free to enter. For the six other concerts, ticket sales start on 17 July at noon via our website. More and more programme will be announced in the coming weeks, including more music names for Podium de Raaf and Callisto, both free admission.

© Niels Knelis

Music programme at Downtown venues or in performance venues in the Noorderplantsoen:  

Grandbrothers: A mix of classical, minimal, ambient and techno all on one instrument: the grand piano. 
FARA in collaboration with Stichting Folk: Three of FARA's four band members are from Orkney, and you can tell by their music. A mix of traditional Orkney music and self-devised fiddle arrangements, with compelling vocals. 
In collaboration with Soundsofmusic, Maya Fridman and Keiko Shichijo join us with a classical concert each. 
Marlene Bakker: Get carried away in a unique listening experience where Marlene sings about the magic of the north and where the earthy Gronings blend seamlessly with contemporary indie folk pop.  
Earlier, we announced Buck Meek, also known as that reverent guitarist from Big Thief. Buck Meek makes beautiful hushed songs for lost souls, lost dogs and forgotten youth.

Ticket sales for these concerts start on 17 July at noon via our website

Music programme on Apollo:

Nusantara Beat: Dutch supergroup on a mystical journey through Indonesian music.
NONCHELANGE: Timeless indie pop with absurdist yet light-hearted take on the harsh realities of life.
Son Rompe Pera: A unique blend of the Marimba and garage punk.
Crack Cloud: Canadian multimedia collective uses art as group therapy. The post-punk band is an absolute live sensation at their energetic concerts.
Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy: Feel the sun in your heart in the world of Ghanaian Frafra gospel.  
David Ramirez is a gifted songwriter with a voice whose roots are dripping.
Los Bitchos: World tour by British group with a colourful mix of musical styles.
Never Been to Berlin: This singer/producer duo from Groningen makes compelling English dance music and draws inspiration from all sorts of genres. 
ParHasard is a 'band of brothers' from Amsterdam. They combine their influences from R&B, soul, funk and jazz into compact and powerful songs. 
Robin Kester: Hypnotic bedroom pop with an angelic voice.
Erlend Øye & La Comitiva: Erlend Øye is not only one half of Kings of Convenience but also singer and guitarist of The Whitest Boy Alive. La Comitiva Øye founded with three friends from the idyllic Sicily he moved to in 2012 and it shows: even on a rainy day, he pours a warm, summery feeling over you with his music.

The concerts at Apollo are all free to attend.