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Privacy statement

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Stichting Noorderzon is required to provide information on which personal data are collected via this website.

This Privacy Statement provides full details on the personal data which are processed via this website and our newsletter. This statement may be updated to reflect organisational or political-legal developments, so please check this Privacy Statement from time to time when visiting our website.

Type of data
Like any other website, Stichting Noorderzon processes IP addresses of website visitors. An IP address can be considered personal data.

Processing objectives
Stichting Noorderzon will only use your personal details or address details for the objective that you provided these for, such as ticket sales information or receiving a newsletter. We therefore do not use these to identify individual visitors.

In addition, Stichting Noorderzon registers details about the use of this website. This includes such things as visitor numbers, pages visited and the features of the browsers used. Stichting Noorderzon can use this data to improve the website and adjust it to user preferences. This involves the use of cookies. This website installs cookies on your computer or telephone for the anonymised use of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

The personal data are for internal use and are not passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes.

Newsletter subscription
Stichting Noorderzon offers you the opportunity to subscribe to its newsletter. In doing so, you are granting us permission to store the data you submit. In this manner, Noorderzon can keep you informed about activities, news and/or developments. Noorderzon offers you the opportunity to unsubscribe at any given moment. Noorderzon sends the newsletters using the online program Mailchimp.

Video and sound registration during Noorderzon
Noorderzon or a media partner may make video and/or sound recordings (or have these made) during the festival. Noorderzon can use these recordings on the website or to promote the event via social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Vimeo. In addition, the recordings may be used by the media channels of the media partner(s), possibly including radio and television. These data will not be used for any other purposes than described above. Please get in touch with Noorderzon if you would like to have a photograph published online removed.

Forms at noorderzon.nl
Various parts of the website contain forms requesting personal details. These personal details are stored in iWink’s Kirra CMS (on Dutch servers under Dutch jurisdiction) and are only downloaded by the Noorderzon employee who needs to process this information. Once downloaded, the form is stored on our protected and secured server. The forms can only be downloaded by selected Noorderzon employees. All Noorderzon employees have signed a contract with a privacy clause.

The data are solely used for the purpose for which they were submitted by you. In addition to the details you fill in, the time, IP address and the page in question are stored to provide more context to the form submission and thus be able to better address questions.

Data storage

  • Forms and newsletter subscription requests

Any forms found on noorderzon.nl webpages are stored by Kirra CMS. These are on servers managed by iWink. The servers are in the Netherlands and fall under Dutch jurisdiction. This information is for our own objectives and is not sent anywhere outside the Netherlands (now or in future). The information is always transmitted via a secure connection. In principle, this storage is valid for an indefinite period.

  • Statistics

We use the anonymised version of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to collect statistics. These statistics do not contain personal or demographic details. iWink has concluded a processing agreement with Google for the processing of data. The option to share the data with other services (including services provided by Google itself) has been disabled. The information is always transmitted via a secure connection. The storage of this data is in the hands of Google and takes place either in the EU or in the US under US jurisdiction. This storage is for the duration of 14 months.

You have the right to:

  • review the data we have of you and in many* cases you van have this corrected or deleted
  • retract your permission for certain processing procedures (e.g. newsletter subscription)
  • submit a complaint to info@noorderzon.nl.

*We are required to keep certain data of yours, such as contact details of our active customers for such purposes as urgent service messages (e.g. emergency maintenance or reporting vulnerabilities). We are also required to create backups for safety purposes. We check these to see whether they are correct. Therefore it is not possible to have your details deleted from backups in retrospect because these are no longer correct.