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Frédérick Gravel

Fear and Greed

Capitalism, patriarchy and art? The fearless Canadian choreographer Frédérick Gravel strips away the facades of his own life, in pursuit of truth and true purpose in art as well as life.  

At first this show seemed wheelchair-friendly. Sadly that is not the case anymore. For questions, please contact us at tickets@noorderzon.nl

€ 16,-
75 minutes
Grand Theatre
This performance might be limited in accessibility.
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© Jean Christophe Yacono

To reconnect with the world, first we need to confront

“I have three problems: capitalism, the patriarchy and why art can’t manage to save us.” In this virtuosic performance for solo dancer and rock band, the charismatic Canadian choreographer Frédérick Gravel peels away the layers of his own soul in an honest attempt to lay bare his fears and to reveal the monster of greed within. 

For a thought-provoking and aesthetically on-point show that will make you chuckle with delight and rock out to your own existential crisis, check out Fear and Greed.


Tuesday 22 August

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Wednesday 23 August

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About the artist

Master choreographer and dancer Frédérick Gravel has been for many years a powerful presence in the Canadian dance scene. He is especially known for his theatrical style of dance that seeks for difficult truths.